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Clear communication is essential for a workplace to function effectively. Many Melbourne companies have employees from overseas who have great technical skills, but issues with pronunciation may mean that colleagues and customers cannot communicate with them confidently, leading to mistakes and frustration.
People from overseas may benefit from a program that improves their pronunciation or telephone skills; people educated in Australia may benefit from support in specific communication skills such as punctuation, writing business documents, speaking in public, and so on.
Speak Better English is able to draw on a range of widely experienced English and English as a Second Language teachers to provide customized programs for your business. The solution may involve individual training, or workshops for a group of staff members. 
These programs begin with a needs analysis to identify specific goals for the program. Speak Better English director Marianne Sherry will discuss the problem you want to solve, identify the tutor/s with the most expertise in that field, and work with you to design a program to meet your goals.

Group Training for Powernet by Speak Better English (March 2017) 
Powernet IT Solutions is an Australian company that provides superior technology solutions for businesses. As the Powernet consultants often work with their clients online or on the phone, the Melbourne office approached Speak Better English to design a program to help the IT consultants polish their verbal communication skills, in order to increase the effectiveness of their service. Sally Landers was the tutor who designed and conducted this program on behalf of Speak Better English.
The following feedback was provided by Chris Goddard, the Quality Manager at Melbourne Powernet:
Time organisation
Marianne / Speak Better English were very responsive, great at organising and great at collecting relevant information regarding the coordination of the training. It all felt well-choreographed. They drove everything from their end, which was great and really assisted me (with my extreme time/resource constraints) to organise everything.
Materials organisation
Sally / SBE were fantastic at organising tailored material ahead of the training. I was extremely grateful at how attentive it was and how she ensured that she had researched ahead of the sessions to know the consultants’ abilities and personalities. Sally is quite clearly a master of her trade. Funnily enough, just being around her made me think about my grammar and even enunciation (which I tend to get lazy with).
Marianne and Sally are extremely personable and friendly, and great to work with. They are both extremely easy to get along with and are very approachable.
Training style
Sally appeared to embody a nurturing, caring style of teaching. There was an obvious feedback loop, which she was adept at utilising throughout the course. This meant that each trainee seemed to get full value from the teaching.
All consultants had nothing but good things to say about the content. They were extremely happy with the material, confident at having picked up useful information, and seemed assured from the course. Two consultants went out of their way to tell me about specifics of the language that they had not realised, especially regarding inflection. We were kindly provided with the course material post-sessions along with a relevant interesting article. We intend to work these into some general best practice workshops on time entries (which appear on client invoices).
We would not hesitate to use Speak Better English again or recommend them to other organisations – Both for groups and for one-on-one sessions.
PS Sally is simply awesome by the way!The consultants all said that they would not hesitate to recommend the training or the training provider.
Chris Goddard
Manager | Quality
Phone: +61 3 9927 6000

A Customized Program for ACASE (October-November 2016): Pitch Coaching  
Recently the CEO of the Australia-China Association of Scientists and Entrepreneurs asked Speak Better English to design a program to help candidates to prepare for the ACASE Entrepreneurs Pitch Night at the Melbourne Town Hall. We provided a seminar focusing on the structure and content of a “pitch” (very different from academic writing, which most scientists are skilled at), and followed that up with private sessions coaching individual presenters on their written and oral presentations for the competition. 
The feedback from the projects was very positive, and two of the three winners of the competition, Cheng Huang and Melvin Lee - two of the coaching recipients - will be travelling to China in December to meet potential investors and manufacturers, and explore markets for their inventions.
ACASE has recently applied to LAUNCHVIC for funding for their programs for the next three years, and if that is successful, Speak Better English will provide similar training for candidates from 2017-2019.

Speak Better English developed a program to help ACASE members polish their pitch for the Entrepreneurs Pitch Night at the Melbourne Town Hall.

How to Deliver Your Pitch
This workshop was conducted for 50 participants in September by Speak Better English tutor, Sally Landers. After the workshop, Sally and tutor Deb Williams discuss the challenges and the possibilities with participants.
At the Melbourne Town Hall on October 20, nine ACASE members made their pitch to potential investors from government and the private sector. It is no mean feat to explain your product persuasively in three minutes, when English is not your native language!
Cheng Huang (Smart Smoke Alarm), David (Airly), and Melvin Lee (Synermatic) won great prizes including a travel package to the China Roadshow where they will have face-to-face discussions about their product with government and private sector investors.
After the very successful Pitch Night, some of the ACASE organizers and some of the Speak Better English pitch coaches (English teachers!) posed in front of this brand new, hard-to-forget banner! We are supporting ACASE in seeking funding from LaunchVic to build the program over the next three years.
Whatever language challenges your organization has identified, Speak Better English can design individual or group training programs to help staff achieve the outcomes you seek. We have the expert staff you need to deliver effective programs.

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