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Take your work performance to the next level with customized English coaching by expert teachers

Many of the clients that we meet at Speak Better English are highly technically skilled, and have succeeded in acquiring roles that do utilize their professional skills. However, when communicating with colleagues and managers they may be frustrated by the limits of their spoken or written English, and this may also undermine their confidence in applying for promotion to management positions.

Speak Better English tutors will work with you to design a program  to build the English fluency and confidence you need to  succeed and feel comfortable at work.

Public Speaking
Whether you are a CEO, a manager, or have just started your career, it is important to be able to put your ideas forward in a clear and convincing way.  We can help you build these skills so that you can:
  • speak up in meetings with colleagues and clients, 
  • make formal presentations at seminars and forums, 
  • "pitch" a new product to receive funding, 
  • present yourself well in an interview, or 
  • make a birthday speech to a staff member!
 Speak Better English tutors can teach you how to do these things, and provide opportunities for practice and feedback, allowing you to develop public speaking skills you will have for the rest of your life. 

Call Speak Better English now on 0401192097 to find the right tutor to assist you to build the presentation skills you require.

Melbourne scientist Melvin Lee presenting his team's product at the Australia-China Entrepreneurs'Pitch Night at the Melbourne Town Hall in October 2016. After one-on-one coaching by Speak Better English tutor Sally Landers, Melvin delivered one of the three successful presentations, resulting in a trip to China to find investors, a market, and manufacturers for his team's product, Synermatic, a "smart" system for healing diabetic wounds.

Simon Crunden, a public and private sector businessman born in Queensland, commented:

"I am a consultant...I had always struggled with the basics of good writing - where to use a comma, hyphen, semi-colon, apostrophe, etc. ...After a few sessions [with my SBE tutor], my understanding of how to use grammar improved dramatically. It has opened up a whole new world to me, unleashing capabilities I never knew I had." (2013)

Business Writing
You may have great ideas, but if you don't write them well, these ideas may come to nothing. SBE English teachers have hundreds of years' experience between them, teaching people how to get their ideas across to their audience! 
  • You might need to refresh your grammar so that you can feel confident that your emails don't look unprofessional to your colleagues and clients. 
  • Perhaps you need some advice on how to structure reports or write tenders for funding, where so much depends on your skill to persuade your reader that you know what you are doing!  
  • Or it could just be that you have trouble finding the words to say exactly what you mean. 
 We can help with all these things, whether you speak English as a second language, or were born in Australia. And when you build these skills, you won't need us anymore!
Call Speak Better English now on 0401192097 to find the right tutor to assist you to build the written skills you require.

Seeking a new job or promotion? 

• Are you ready to apply for a better job, and would like some backup with resume preparation and cover letters?
• Are you confident you are selling yourself well in addressing the Key Selection Criteria?
• Would you like to build your confidence by practicing your interview skills?
• How are you going at building your "network"?
At Speak Better English we can assist you with all aspects of the job seeking process, whether for technical or management positions. We have specialist teachers with experience working with applicants from a wide range of professional backgrounds, from Engineering, Accounting and IT to Teaching, Nursing , Hairdressing, Business and Retail.

Confident Conversation

How satisfying would it be to look as intelligent and relaxed in English as you do in your first language - and to feel as confident.
Many Speak Better English clients are professionals or executives who are moving towards exactly that goal; the role of the English language tutor then becomes to develop interesting, relevant materials to help you practice conversation and expand your vocabulary so that you can express yourself spontaneously and precisely, no matter what the situation. 
Regular private sessions with a friendly, experienced and committed English consultant will provide the structure needed for the repeated practice you need to improve your language skills -but rarely actually do on your own!
For your convenience, your Speak Better English tutor may work with you ONSITE at your workplace or at another convenient location.

Whatever your challenges, your Speak Better English tutor will work with you to design a customized program to enhance your communication skills so that you can exceed everyone's expectations! Call us now to discuss the changes you want to make.

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