Questions about your Better English program in Melbourne (FAQ)

Can we do the sessions via Skype?

YES! Skype saves you travel time! It is a great way to overcome the distance barrier, especially when the main focus is speaking, pronunciation, or grammar. 

We can also work with your writing this way, which can reveal many weaknesses that don’t get noticed so much in speaking. You send us your writing, we highlight (but don’t correct) mistakes, and send the document back to you. In the Skype session, we both have the doc in front of us, and go from there. It provides a great focus on your particular weaknesses!

How long are the private English language lessons?

The ideal time is 1 ½ – 2 hours per lesson.

What times are available for appointments?

Appointments are available between 8am and 9pm, and on Fridays and Saturdays from 8am-5pm.

Can I claim the fees on my tax?

Ideally your employer will pay for your English tutoring as part of your professional development program. However, if you have to pay yourself, you may be able to claim your English lessons as a tax deduction under “self-education expenses”. If the expense can be shown to have a connection to producing assessable income, it is deductible. Did your workplace suggest it?? Are you missing out on jobs/promotion because of English skill?? If that is so you can make a case that it is deductible.

How much does the one-on-one tutoring cost?

At your workplace
The cost of onsite tutoring at your workplace, or tutoring organized by your company but conducted elsewhere, depends on several factors such as time, duration and location of the tutoring, as well as predictability of appointments. Please call 0401192097 to discuss your needs, and a quote will be sent that reflects your customized program.

Speak Better English offers the following rates for self-funded students:
Weekdays 8am to 6pm
Introductory Rate $90 
Casual Rate $100

Weekdays 6pm to 9pm
Saturdays 8am to 3pm
Introductory Rate $100
Casual Rate $110

Packages bring a 3%, 5% or 10% discount for 3-, 5- and 10- session packages.

How much do the customized workshops cost?
In general, the fees for workshops are as below:
  • a 2-hour workshop $400
  • a half-day workshop (3 -4 hours) $600 - $800
  • a full day workshop (5-6 hours) $1000 - $1200

How to Pay:

Payment is transferred online before your appointment to confirm your booking.

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