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Private Lessons to Improve Your Writing in Melbourne

English lessons for English speakers

Our tutors can help you improve your writing, including spelling, punctuation, and grammar and more...

Were you born in Australia, but as a child, you never really felt confident with reading and writing?

A lot of people struggle with reading and writing English, even though they were born and educated here. Problems with reading and writing can affect your self-esteem and your confidence, not only when you are going for jobs, but in many areas of everyday life.

The teachers at Melbourne’s Better English have many years of teaching experience. It means that nothing surprises us, and we have seen the many different problems people can have with reading and writing in English. We will work out what the problem is, and then come up with a personal program and carefully designed English lessons to help you improve in the skills you need.

Were you born overseas, and now you would like to improve your English pronunciation or grammar?

Perhaps your speaking is just fine, but you have never really had time to work on your writing in English - but now you do! After living in Australia for a long time, you finally have a chance to study English for your own pleasure and development. We can work with you in private lessons to provide an interesting and enjoyable program that will assist you in improving your English skills, while learning more about Australian culture or history or current affairs – whatever you are interested in, we can base your learning on that. These kinds of lessons can be really fun!

Our one-on-one private English coaching activities are designed to help you develop whichever language skills you need:

  • Pronunciation
  • Conversation
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Public speaking

For more information on our one-to-one English coaching, please contact Speak Better English today to discuss what you need to change.

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What our clients say – General English testimonials

"...Susie is a very qualified and competent teacher, and most of all she cares about the progress of her students."

"...I made really amazing progress with her in a short time."

"...Marianne can explain anything I need to know about grammar. Also, she pushes me to practice, and she does not let me be lazy when I am speaking. Now I understand a lot more about the mistakes I am making, and I notice them, and I can fix them."

" I started at Better English just to improve my pronunciation.... After my pronunciation improved, we worked on some grammar and vocabulary extension. Now I am writing a lot about food from my country, South Africa, my experiences as a nurse, and my point of view about a lot of things both at home and in Australia. I never thought it was so therapeutic to write things down. As a nurse, we deal with so much trauma, but there’s never any time to just sit back and think, “What has happened to me, just now?” I have never had the time to think about how it affected me. Now, in my writing, I am reflecting on my experiences and coming to terms with how it all affects me. Thanks to Marianne at Better English I feel more empowered to use English in all aspects of life." 

"...Thank you, Marianne, for helping me improve my English and my life. "

"... I am quickly achieving good results, being more aware of language and writing, and really forging ahead confidently with becoming a good writer."

"Having a one to one lesson with my teacher is helping me to improve my language skills. I am also building my confidence and believing in myself. I have worked many years in the same job and recently I applied for a better job and succeeded thanks to Marianne my teacher and coach. Now I want to inspire others. Don't sit and think "My English isn't good enough and I am not going anywhere". Do something about it, learn, improve and achieve your dreams. When you dream, you create the possibilities in your mind then take steps one after the other. If you make an effort and work hard you learn and improve your language skills. Anything is possible."
Beletu from Ethiopia, 2015

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