Private IELTS Preparation Coaching in Melbourne - by Experts!

With our private IELTS preparation tutoring in Melbourne, we’ll help you get the results you need

For many people wishing to migrate to Australia and study or work in their field, their success all depends on achieving a certain IELTS score.

Although students sometimes feel the IELTS test is “unfair”, at Speak Better English in Melbourne, we believe the IELTS test is not a lottery - it is generally a good judge of how strong a person's English is in the four areas, and if you are continually getting a certain result, that is telling you something about your English level... So if you put in the effort to get the IELTS result you need, you will definitely improve your English as well!

We know that getting the score you need on the IELTS test can really change the direction of your life; with our private IELTS test preparation classes, you can rest assured that you’re giving yourself the best possible chance to get the score you need.
The number of lessons you take depends on what you need. Contact our team on 0401192097 today to find out which IELTS preparation classes will suit you.
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Meet Cathy  – English Teacher Specializing in IELTS Preparation in Melbourne

Cathy is one of the Speak Better English tutors specializing in preparing candidates for the IELTS test. She has been a clerical marker of the IELTS test for more than 7 years, and is now specializing in teaching IELTS, particularly for those people aiming to get four 8's - not an easy task! Cathy is able to help you prepare for either the Academic or the General IELTS Test. 

Cathy lives in Mount Waverley, and is available in the evenings Monday to Thursday, in the daytimes Thursday and Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday every second weekend.

You will find Cathy to be enthusiastic and committed to supporting you in whichever area of your language skills you feel you need to build on. Call now to maximize your chances of getting the scores you want in the shortest time possible!
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Irene Comer

Meet Frances  – IELTS Preparation Tutor in Melbourne with 20 years' IELTS experience!

An English teacher with over 30 years experience, Frances trained at Melbourne University to become an IELTS examiner over 20 years ago, and she has been working as an examiner since then. She has also written detailed IELTS preparation courses and set those courses up in countries overseas including China and Fiji. Frances knows very well what is required to do well on the IELTS test, and she can ensure you are well-prepared for the test! 

One student commented recently: 
 Frances is very straight forward with her views about my current level of English and the possibility of me getting the scores I need for IELTS, which I appreciate a lot. It gives me a realistic idea of what to expect. Frances put a lot emphasis on my weaknesses - mainly grammar. She also constantly points out my strengths that I am not aware of. What I love most about Frances is that she gives me a few good phrases and uncommon words to use in my essays each session to help me write better. Overall, Frances is really helpful and I hope to achieve my target scores in IELTS soon.

Thanks Marianne,
Vee Vien Tan
November 2016
If you are serious about getting the IELTS score you want, call us and book an appointment with Frances now! 
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What our clients say – IELTS Testimonials

"...I studied with Better English just 5 lessons. My IELTS score went up from always missing this module or that module and finally I got all 7’s. My Better English tutor helped me a lot."

"...I recommend my tutor to anyone - don't waste money just taking the test time after time. Get some feedback that can really make a difference to your result.
Kheshav, Mauritius, 2014

"...My tutor at Better English taught me so many strategies to do the test efficiently, and I got even higher than the result I needed."

"We made it. you are the best and you will always be. My academic score for the ielts shows that you can make everything possible - 8.5 and 8.5 for Listening and Reading - now we can work on the writing!"

"...My tutor at Better English taught me so many strategies to do the test efficiently, and I got even higher than the result I needed."

"Thought you'd be interested to know that not only did I pass my IELTS test, but got the 7's needed for my UK nursing registration!!!!  I'd like to thank you again for your help in the lead up to the test, you were of significant help to my exam prep.
MM, Registered Nurse (Australian born)

"...I loved practising for the IELTS test - I couldn’t believe we had fun preparing for the test! "
Anna 2013

"... Having so many institutes made it hard to choose the right place for IELTS training, but I must say Marianne can definitely help to achieve this task."

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