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Trained OET nurse at the store

Don't waste your money and your time taking test after test! Invest in our expert OET preparation tutoring and pass OET!

Last year, AHPRA (the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) changed its rules to allow OET candidates to achieve 4 Bs over any 2 sittings within a 6 month period. As long as no score is below C, results from within any two tests can be submitted.

But the OET still costs you $587 each time you sit the test! If you have already failed to get your four B's, don't waste more money just repeating the test! Get an expert OET tutor who can see where you are going wrong, and help you get over the line! 

Your OET tutor will work out a personalized program to help you overcome your own specific weaknesses in whichever OET module/s you need to practice. 

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Trained OET nurse at the store

Meet Susie -  Expert OET Preparation Tutor

At Speak Better English, Susie has been our main OET tutor for several years, specializing in preparing candidates for the OET test. She has been teaching English for 40 years! Before working with Speak Better English, she worked for several years at the Council of Adult Education (CAE) in Melbourne, teaching OET Preparation in a variety of contexts – 5-week courses, intensive 1-week courses, and private tuition. 

In private OET preparation sessions in Melbourne (in Northcote/on Skype), specialist OET tutor Susie: 
  • Assesses your needs in all four areas of the OET, OR just the area/s in which you have not been able to get your B score ie Speaking, Reading, Writing or Listening
  • Offers you tips and strategies on how to approach the different tasks within each part of the OET 
  • Provides OET practice tests to work on with her, or as homework
  • Provides supplementary English language materials to improve your grammar and vocabulary
  • Provides a range of scenarios to practice role plays for the speaking test - nursing scenarios for nurses, medical scenarios for doctors, dental scenarios for dentists - followed by feedback and once again, supplementary language materials to prepare you for the OET.
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Trained OET nurse at the store

Our Expanded OET Tutoring Team at Speak Better English

There are so many OET candidates in Melbourne, we have found that Susie gets booked out, especially in the fortnight before each test. To prepare other SBE tutors to coach OET, ex-CAE OET teacher Jill Lewis recently conducted a workshop so that these teachers know all the tips and strategies required to tutor OET candidates. 

So now we have tutors in different parts of Melbourne preparing candidates for the OET, including Deb in Malvern East, Lauren in Eltham, Sally in Frankston South, Susie in Northcote, and Jill in Brunswick. Hopefully we will now be able to cater for the demand for expert one-on-one OET tutoring, and this will speed up the process of registration for medical professionals all over Melbourne. But do not delay and find that all the tutors are booked out before your  test.

If you would like a personalised program from an expert tutor to build your skills and help you pass the OET, be sure to contact Speak Better English - you will be thrilled with the quality of teaching and support you receive.

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What our clients say – OET Testimonials

"Hi Marianne, It is my pleasure if you guys use my testimony to let other candidates understand the importance of tutoring. I strongly believe that its very important for students to understand the importance of tutoring when preparing for this highly important exam. Its not how much English you know, rather its how well you understand the techniques required to pass this exam. Sally is a nice person, she believes in helping people and I will be very happy if my words can help her in any ways, especially helping more students come to her to prepare for the OET.
Yadasa Gutu, Nurse, from Ethiopia, (Passed OET in November 2016)

Hi Marianne, 
Thank you for you and your team. You are so kind and helpful. I am very happy with Lauren's teaching me because she did it the way I like it. She prepared lots of materials, like she gave me letters with all the articles and prepositions taken out, and I had to put them back in. Grammar is my main problem so that was very helpful. I am the kind of person somebody has to force me to do it, and she taught me in a way I had to do it. I feel confident about my test results now, but if I don't get my B's this time I want to work with Lauren again, especially because I live in Templestowe and she lives quite close in Eltham.
Sam, Radiographer from Iran, September 2016

"Dear Susie,
Thanks a lot for your help. I MADE ITπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€!!!!!!"
A doctor from Syria who had failed the OET a few times previously, June 2016

"Dear Marianne,
I am Jayasiri. I just want to convey my gratitude to you for giving me Susie to help pass my OET exam. I received my desired score because of Susie. Please accept my sincerest gratitude. I am very relieved, as it has unloaded a heavy weight from my head. I really appreciate your kind help to fulfill my desires. 
Susie is a gem. I bow to her and her simplified and understandable teaching methods. . I would highly recommend her to anybody who is desperate to get the registration without having to repeat the OET exam multiple times.  
P.S. I am absolutely thrilled to achieve 4 Bs within the 6 month period as I have previously been unsuccessful in writing a number of times. I can finally apply for registration! If it wasn't for Susie, I am sure that I would not be able to pass again.
Jayasiri (nurse) from Sri Lanka (June 2016)

"Hi Susie, 
I have got a test result today. I have got B in speaking. Finally, I passed. 
Thanks for your helping those days. I can finally get registration. now, I am preparing documentation for application.
Thank you so much,
Kind Regards,
October 2015

"Fantastic news!  
I am a doctor, originally from Persia, but I have been working as a GP in Australia for several years. I got B in all sections in the OEt in 2010, but it has expired. Before contacting Speak Better English, I did an academic IELTS reading and speaking test, but scored only 6.5 in writing and 7 in listening, so I decided to do some tutoring to prepare for the test last month. I actually invested 17 hours in my tutoring to make sure I got the result I needed for my PR - but the outcome was fantastic! 
I actually feel very excited with this result: 
Speaking A 
Reading B 
Listening A 
Writing B
Thanks to Marianne and Susie. Susie is a nice, knowledgeable person who knows the OET stuff very well, and has got access to handy study materials. I highly recommend her if you are looking for support to help you prepare for the OET."
Seyed, Doctor, Iran, November 2014

Hi Susie,
 I've just received my OET result. I got B in all four components. Very pleased. Thank you for your teaching and support.
Asma, Nurse, Pakistan, 2014

Dear Susie,
Because of my writing problems, I don't think I would pass the test without your help. Thati si why I am sending you this small gift. You helped me a lot. 
I did many sessions with other schools and even other tutors but I never had the individual work that you gave me, you gave me good test strategies and espceically feedback about my English problems. 
Mok, Doctor, Malaysia 2013

Hi Susie, 
I am happy to say that I passed. I am over the moon coz now I can concentrate on the Pharmacy exam. Thank you again for helping me. 
Joanne, Pharmacist, 2013

I come from China. I have been preparing my OET test in order to get my registration. By chance, I got a chance to study with Susie. I enjoy working with her and she has given me a lot of helpful strategies to prepare my OET test. When Susie teaches me, she always focuses on my individual mistakes and works on it with me together which I think is most important to improve my English.
Raine Z, Nurse, China, 2013

Hi Susie, 
Thank you for all your help preparing for my exam. I must say you are a genius teacher with a good heart. Take care.
Kind regards,
Mohammad, doctor, Indonesia, 2013

Hi Susie, 
Today I've received my OET result, I PASSED!!! :-)
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you  have done to help my reading and especially writing. I am looking forward to have a couple more classes with you regarding pronunciation as we discussed before. 
I am really happy now and can work as a Dental Prosthetist from next year. 
Thank you again for your time. 
Vida, Dental Prosthetist, Iran 2013

"Hi Susie, 
I got through this time! Got B for each subtest. Thank you so much for your help. Really appreciate it. Your lessons were really helpful. I will definitely recommend to my friends those who need support.
Achini 2013

"When I first contacted Susie, my writing skills were not enough to pass the written component of the OET exam. After a few sessions with Susie, I became able to pass the band that was causing me troubles." 

"...Now I HAVE PASSED OET and I can work in my profession."

"... Thanks for all your help preparing for my exam. I must say u are a genius teacher with a good heart."

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