What our clients say – Advanced English Testimonials

"Ms Susie is an OET expert and I believe she can help other students pass the OET like she did to me. She is a patient, friendly and very kind mentor. Thank you Ms Susie for all the encouragement and guidance during my OET preparation, I had found your tips and sample exams very helpful. "

Joy, Doctor in the Philippines (Skype lessons) achieved four Bs.


I work in Marketing and I have been in Australia for 10 months. Recently I have had 5 sessions with my Speak Better English tutor, Meryl Johnson, to prepare for the Academic IELTS exam. Meryl was really professional and always very friendly. It was really easy to work with her and I learned a lot in this short period of time. (I feel more comfortable to write essays.) Thanks a lot and I definitely recommend Meryl as a tutor!  

Eugenia, Marketing Professional and Academic IELTS Candidate, from Germany, November 2017


"I have been working with Sally Landers for three one-to-one sessions and already feel I have gained lot of confidence in my career related engagements and also in social skills in day to day life activities. In my future sessions I would like to cover more spoken English sessions and further strengthen my writing skills. 

Marianne, I am happy with the constructive conversation we made prior to the commencement of my classes, and I am impressed with how quickly you organised and scheduled my sessions. I am happy with the overall experience with my tutor."

Kaumadi, Doctor from Sri Lanka, November 2017


"I come from Hong Kong and I have been in Australia 4 years. My area of study is accounting and I am currently working for a tax accountant. My Speak Better English tutor is Meryl Johnson, and 
I have 4 sessions with her to help me prepare for the IELTS exam. She is a nice tutor and she can guide me to overcome my weakness. The experience enhances my knowledge with the basic skills in writing. It helps me in preparing a better and faster email response. 

Meryl is great. Thanks a lot."

Steve, Accountant from Hong Kong, October 2017


"Sally is an approachable teacher with a good sense of humour but without ceasing to be demanding. The fact that she enjoys what she does create an atmosphere in which it is easy for you to understand what she wants you to learn. Hence, I can say that her lessons were incalculably significant for me.
Kind regards,

Doctor preparing for OET,  from Cuba, October, 2017


"I come from Iran, and I have been in Australia for four years. I am a nurse, and I had 8 sessions with my tutor Susie. What I enjoyed about her tutoring was she was so passionate and honest in teaching me how to go for the OET test. She had given me the most important hints that I needed for OET test. I have been provided some OET material that helped me a lot while I was practicing. I really appreciate her. Now I have passed OET, and this has had a great effect on my life in Australia. I feel more secure in my life. I just wish Susie all the best. She is so wonderful. And I want to thank you Marianne for organising everything for me. Everything was great. I appreciate all your efforts."

Massy, Nurse from Iran, October 2017

"I am originally from Sri Lanka and I have been in Australia for about 12 years. I am a nurse, and I worked with Sally for 7 sessions to help me prepare for the OET test, especially writing.
I did several classes with her. She was very easy going and very patient with me. She would encourage you, guide you in the right direction and let you know which areas you need to concentrate more. At first I wasn’t sure what mistakes I have been doing in the writing test, but she managed to point me in the right direction and gave me different strategies to overcome those barriers. Also she was constantly giving me positive feedback rather than being negative, and it made me believe in myself that I can pass the test – and I DID PASS!"

Samantha from Sri Lanka, September 2017


"I come from China, and I have been here 6 months, and I plan to set up my own patisserie business in future. I have had around 15 sessions with Mrs. Liz Dartnell, and I like working with her because she can accurate figure out my speaking weakness and ways to solve them in a very professional manner. This helps me at work and in my life because she shared with me a lot of cultural background as well as hobbies and everything regarding life – it helps a lot. I would say her lessons are perfect, I would like to take another 10 sessions or more on my grammar or my weakness in writing."

Longyin, from China, August 2017


"I am a personal trainer and I came here from Brazil 10 years ago. I have had four sessions with my tutor Liz Dartnell, and I really appreciate her patience and her help with my English weaknesses. Liz gives me some tips and corrections, and corrects my mistakes when I speak. She is a great teacher, and it’s very important to speak and communicate in clear English and she is helping me improve that."

Soni, Personal Trainer from Brazil, August 2017


"Susie, dear Susie! I passed!"
Tracy has passed her OET,  with the help of SBE tutor Susie Orzech, and now can work in her profession as a nurse . Great work, ladies!
July 2017

"I am an ICT Business Analyst from Brazil, and I have been working in Australia for six months. I worked with Melissa for 8 sessions, and found the conversations very useful. It gave me confidence to understand that I have a good level of English, and to know my limitations as well. 

I feel much more confident in my communication skills, feeling more fluent and able to listen and speak better. I also worked with pronunciation, which I found really good and I could adjust many different mistakes I was making.

I really liked my sessions with Melissa and how we adjusted our way of working through the classes. In future I would like to do more work on pronunciation and grammar accuracy, and on presentation skills."

Gabriel Vailati
ICT Business Analyst
From Brazil 
July 2017


"Dear Marianne, 
N. did get a "C Pass" for his English test so now he can stay in Australia and study his course. Thank you very much for all your effort coordinating the English classes for him. Please convey this to his tutor Cathy too."
N. from Sri Lanka, July 2017

"I would like to share my story for who seeks better adjustment and settlement in Australia. Before I came here in mid 2014, I had graduated in Medical Imaging or Radiography from my home country Iran. I had very basic English skills, but once I was introduced to Marianne and her team, I achieved much improvement in the skills areas. It is my pleasure to recommend you guys (OET candidates) to join with Marianne’s team, and especially Lauren, who is an amazing teacher to let your dreams become true .  
I really enjoyed working with Lauren in every writing session. She is a well prepared teacher and provided me lots of samples and updated slides which really worked. Moreover, I loved the way that she was working with me, she always recognised my weaknesses and the areas that I needed to improve, not just teaching me a typical lesson. 
I highly recommend her to help you pass OET and I have an unforgettable memory. I just got 4 Bs in all skills areas at one test sitting!

Thank you Lauren and Marianne for all your support.

Viva , Radiographer from Iran, June 2017 


"Hi Susie! I just got my OET results and I passed. All B! THANKS"
Dr E D, doctor from Rwanda, June 2017

"Dear Susie! I am glad to tell you that this time I passed my OET exam with 4 Bs : )) Thank you for you great lessons and wise advice πŸ™"
O F"
Pharmacist from Greece, June 2017.
This student drove 320 km from Traralgon to work with Susie! Definitely worth the trip!
Oooh!! Guess what...I just had call from V....., the Iranian Radiographer I was working with last month. She just got her OET results..4 Bs...all skill areas!!!😎😎😎
Am so proud of her!!
from Lauren Tyrell, SBE OET tutor, June 2017
"I am a nurse from the Philippines and I have been in Australia for 2 years. Before finding Speak Better English, I worked with another tutor on Skype to prepare for IELTS, but I could not score well in writing - even though I had high scores for everything else - so Marianne encouraged me to change to OET.  
In just three sessions with Ms Sally Landers, she shared her knowledge to enhance my writing skills and helped me to regain my confidence to tackle the OET test in a better and effective way. I really liked her calm nature.
Thank you Marianne for organising my lessons with Sally and I am glad that I listened to you and Sally to take the OET, as it is more inclined with my profession. 
Thank you Sally for your patience in guiding me to ace this test (three B’s and an A for Reading!!) Please continue to share your knowledge and be a blessing to other candidates to pass their English test. You have a beautiful soul. Cheers!"
MJ Chambers, Nurse from the Philippines, May 2017 
"I come from Thailand and I have been in Australia for 26 years. I am self-employed in a business, and I have been working with my Speak Better English tutor, Sally Landers. I have only been working with her for three sessions so far, but what I like best about working with her is that she understands me and she never judges me." 
Wan, Self-employed, from Thailand
"I am originally from El Salvador but I have been living in Australia for 26 years. I work as a Manager in a Language Service Provider, and I have worked with my tutor Deb Williams for 6 sessions so far. At the moment I am taking a break because I am on leave from work, but I plan to resume when I go back.
What I have enjoyed most about my work with my Speak Better English tutor is her ability to customise and change the delivery of the tutoring. I feel like this tutoring has increased my confidence in writing and overall communication with colleagues, managers, and clients.
I enjoyed every session and found each one increased my competency and confidence with English. I am very happy, and look forward to continuing my sessions after I return from my parental leave."
David, Manager, May 2017
"Good morning Marianne,

I absolutely love working with Susie. She's an incredibly gifted teacher, and perfectly suited to my needs! Please see copied below confirmation of payment for my next 10 classes. 

I truly am getting a great deal out of my time with Susie. She is a brilliant teacher. A lot of thought goes into the planning for each class. It is clear Susie understands where my gaps are as she tailors the content well.  

Sebastian Marcs
May 2017

"Hi Marianne,
My session went absolutely fantastic. Susie is such a great tutor! I will have another hour definitely, but over the Skype this time, as it is not much time to drive around before the exam (320 km is a real trouble 😟) 
Thank you for your lovely wishes. Hopefully, the lesson I had will make a difference!
Bye for now,
O F"
Pharmacist from Greece, May 2017
(This student traveled from Traralgon to work with Susie in Northcote to prepare for the Occupational English Test - worth the trip I think!)
"I have been in Australia for 10 years, and I work as an IT professional. So far, I have had 10 sessions with my Speak Better English tutor Sally Landers. She has definitely a lot of experience but she is also a nice person and this makes the tutoring a great experience. 
My job is mainly based on speaking and writing so a better knowledge of English is reflected in a better outcome at work. Just today, my manager commented to an email I sent, “Your English is definitely improving!”
MC, IT professional from Italy, May 2017
"Hi Susie
I got 4 b"s this time! I am so happy! thank you so much for your amazing tips and wish u very very good luck for your amazing future teaching." 
PK, from India, in her text to her SBE tutor Susie Orzech
"M just called with her OET results - A for Reading and 3 B's!!! Yay!!!!" 
 Sally Landers about her student MC from Philippines, May 2017
"I have been in Australia for 8 years, and in the last few years I have been studying nursing. My Speak Better English tutors were Sally Landers and Susie Orzech - I had 10 sessions with Susie and 5 sessions with Sally, and then I passed the OET ! Both my tutors were very friendly, supportive and flexible, and I feel I have gained more experience in my English skills which helped in my nursing career and social life."
JP nurse, from Vietnam, May 2017

"Thanks Ms Orzech. I am extremely grateful for the time that you have spent with me. You have not just corrected my English but helped me to find strengths, overpower demons and conquer fears. I may not remember what you have said when time passes but I will never forget your voice. Thank you πŸ‘πŸ’πŸ’ JZ
PS To Marianne
Susie is a great teacher with a warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring quality. It has been a pleasure learning with her. Thanks for the opportunity that you have provided!!!
With every best wish,
JZ, April 2017
"I come from Guatemala and I have been in Australia for 18 months. I am doing Clinical Research in Humans, and I have had four sessions with my Speak Better English tutor Sally Landers.       
I like working with her because she understands what my expectations from each class is. She is very knowledge plus she has experience of the corporative environment. She gives me advice of what vocabulary should I use to express myself better in the business environment.
Now I feel more confident at work, during meetings and also when I am writing emails and reports.
Karla Montenegro, from Guatemala, April 2017
"Hello dear Susie. 
This is Morvarid. I am sending this message to let you know I made it with your big help and I deeply appreciate your support and information you provided for me.
Kind regards
Morvarid, Physiotherapist, April 2017
"Just want to say thank you. I have passed OET. Thanx Lauren."
Saman, Nurse from Iran, March 2017
"I am a nurse from Iran, and I have been in Australia for 3 years and 9 months.  I have not worked at any company since I have been here and that's why I wish to get OET as soon as possible to start working as a nurse in Australia. 
I have had five sessions with my tutor, dear Susie Orzech. She really liked to teach me the key points and the main structure of doing the test as well as providing some materials regarding OET. She passionately corrected my mistakes with good explanation of them.  
It was a wonderful experience which is having an important effect on everything in my life, in regard to for skills of listening, writing, reading and speaking. Literally, I can correct myself everywhere by using her clues.
I just would love to thank her for everything she has done for me. I feel her so close to me as a member of my family. Thank you to Marianne too as she organized my class with Susie and followed every thing up."
MK, Nurse from Iran, March 2017
"I have been in Australia for 5 years, and I have been studying Nursing. Recently I have worked with Sally Landers for about 14 classes. Sally is very friendly and knowledgeable, and my speaking and writing skills have been much improved. In future, I would like to cover communication skills, mostly with patients."
K, Nurse from Mauritius, March 2017
"I have been in Australia more than 20 years, and I have recently worked with Sharon for six sessions. 
What I enjoyed most so far was that Sharon could point out what areas I need to focus on. This helped me identifying my troubles in English which I wasn’t able to identify myself clearly. 
This has meant that I found myself some improvement in writing and gained some confidence in speaking socially, as Sharon didn’t find me hard to understand. Her kind feedback and encouragement helped me believe myself ‘not too bad’ at English, since I’ve lost confidence in English in general. 
I do know that I still need to work on improving English a lot, but knowing what to study from her feedback was very handy, especially in grammar, as previously, I tried to study grammar but I was only able to finish the first few pages of the book.
Now my aim in these lessons is writing and speaking like a native speaker!"
K. from South Korea, March 2017


"I have been in Australia for 7 years. I studied Bachelor of Music and Master of Secondary teaching in Melbourne University, and I am now working as a primary school teacher, teaching Mandarin and cello.
My Speak Better English (SBE) tutor was Deborah Williams. We had 10 sessions, and I enjoyed very much our speaking practice through having conversation. I also like that she encouraged me and helped building my confidence in speaking English, especially to Caucasians. I still remember clearly the words she said to me, ‘Keep your dignity!' Deb was very caring and kind and not only helped me to improve my English but has also given me valuable advice when I had problems in life. 
This experience of tutoring has given me great confidence! I used to be very nervous and afraid of speaking English with my colleagues, but now I am not anymore. Now I hope there will be an opportunity with SBE to join a group speaking class, while learning about current affairs. 
Thank you very much for Deb’s encouragement and help."
Hannah Suk Han Gan, from Malaysia, Teacher, February 2017
"I work in Project Management. English is my first and only language but I only scraped through Year 12 with my English results. I have a senior role at my work and I wanted to polish up and tighten my business writing skills to feel more confident with my written presentation, especially with grammar, punctuation and the like. 
I have just had three sessions with Susie. I just clicked with her. Her approach was very open, and she asked for my input and how I learn best and I can get the most out of our sessions – plus she’s just a lovely person. It is early days and I need to practice more by reviewing my work and having my notes provided by Susie to check against, but this tutoring has definitely strengthened business writing skills. 
Susie’s extremely experienced and was an absolute delight to work with."
Jackie, born in Australia, Project Manager, February 2017
 "I grew up in regional Victoria and now live in Melbourne, so I’ve been living in Australia all my life. My profession is a Creative/Copywriter in Advertising.
I have worked with my (Speak Better English) tutor Melissa Brown for six sessions so far. I like how she makes the driest of dry topics (like grammar) fun and topical. Melissa has been very well prepared and engaged in every session. She has been very patient answering a range of questions, no matter how basic or complex, so I feel she has gone out of her way to help me. I rate her teaching ability highly. 
This experience of tutoring has definitely helped me become more confident with my writing. It’s not as daunting editing my work or other people’s work now, so I am going to continue doing more courses to improve my grammar."
XX, born in Australia, Copywriter in Advertising, February 2017
"Hi Susie, I got B in every section. Thank you for your help."
Jyoti, OET candidate, February 2017
"Hi Marianne, Margot has been fantastic and I believe my spelling and grammar has improved. I guess the foundations have been laid so the rest is up to me now." 
Jim S, Automotive Company Manager, February 2017

"I have been in Australia for 5.5 years. I had 6 lessons with Liz Dartnell, and what I liked most was finding tangible areas for improvement. This experience of tutoring has absolutely strengthened my ability to function at work and in my social life in Australia."
BJ, IT Consultant from China, February 2017

"Hi Susie, thanks. Sorry for the late reply, it was crazy shift. I passed the OET thanks to you, also got A for reading, quite surprised 😊
Thanks Susie! I really think your teaching helped a lot."
Yanti, doctor from Indonesia, January 2017
"Hi Marianne,
I am very glad that I passed OET. Thank you for helping me see Sally who is a very experienced trainer and a very friendly person to talk to. Like you said so many people fail this exam, but preparation for the exam is what makes a complete difference. On top of my ability to communicate English well, Sally's technical support helped me to identify my weaknesses and improve them. Plus she helped me to have a confidence in myself and believe in myself and go for the exam. 
I have already secured a grad year position at the XX Cardiac Ward for one year. It was a competitive interview, but I am able to get the position and the hospital that I wanted as I wanted to do more specialisation in the Cardiac and theatre area. 
I wish you all the best in life and in everything Marianne !!! 
Thank you all and keep in touch!
 Yadasa Gutu, Nurse, from Ethiopia, November 2016


"I come from Mexico and I have been in Australia for 9 months. I have had 10 sessions with Susie to work on my English. What I like about working with Susie is that I have been able to ask all the questions that I always had but I didn’t know who to ask. Learning has always been my passion.
My tutoring with Susie gives me the tools to feel confident to speak, and help me with key things about my pronunciation and grammar. I enjoy working with her, because she corrected me every time I made a mistake, she paid attention to me and prepared special material every class. It is delightful working with Susie and her passion for the language. 
As for the administration of Speak Better English, I received an excellent service all the time, since my information request until the end of my classes."
Pamela Varela, from Mexico, actuarial consultant in a private health insurance company, January 2017
"I have been working in Australia for 10 years as a product designer in a software company. I have worked with Brian for 3 sessions, and I like it that the lessons are tailored to my personal needs. 
This tutoring is helping me build my confidence to talk in meetings, and it has improved my body language, tone, and intonation. Now I just want to continue to work on grammar, and building confidence in speaking and improving my pronunciation."
NH, Software Designer, December 2016
"Hi Susie. 
I've got my OET result just before and I PASSED it. Just want to say thank you. Thanks so much for your help! Thanks so much. Especially for the writing, I got A for it."
Cindy, from China, December 2016
Sat, Nov 12, 2016 
"Hi Jill,
Hope you are well! In reading part-A was about unilateral renal? About baby born with one kidney. Introduction, research para were there. In part-B, first topic was about health in space and another one was Dementia.
I tried my best to apply what all tricks and tip you taught me. Let’s see what result come.
Thank you for your advice and help.
Sat, Dec 3, 2016
"Hi Jill,
Good morning! I would like to thank you for your guidance. I got my result, scored B in all. Without your help, I might not have achieve my target. Really glad to have you. 
Thank you once again
"I come from Sri Lanka and I have been in Australia for 19 years. I work as an aged carer.
I really enjoy working with Jill because she is very kind, caring and a good listener. She is able to help me in a lot of way and knows how to make me feel comfortable. 
This tutoring has strengthened my ability to function at work and in my social life because working with her I realised I need to improve my grammar and vocabulary. Before tutoring I didn’t know if sentences that I used were correct but now I can built onto these sentences and have more confidence in myself. 
In my next sessions (I have a package of 10) I want to discuss a range of topics and different settings. I hope this will help me improve my vocabulary. "
NL, from Sri Lanka, November 2016
"I have been in Australia for five years, and I have had just five sessions with Liz. I am not confident to speak English, she encouraged and motivated me to speak. What she teaches me is my weakness part of gramma, and the most useful sentences. And what she speaks is elegant, makes me like English. Even after class, she like to recorrect my articles. 

Thanks Marianne, so far I feel really good about Liz and Speak Better English! "

Update on November 21:

Hello Marianne,

Sorry to reply you late. I contacted with Liz, and I would like to have more sessions. Last few weeks I had my job interview and got my job offer from the job I applied for! Thanks for Liz, Thanks Speak Better English! What Liz teaches me about interview and practice are really useful and helpful! Thanks again. 
Fan, Health Science, from China


"I come from Russia and I have been in Australia for 16 years. I work as a payroll manager in a global company. I have worked with my SBE tutor Sally Landers for 15 sessions so far. It is great because we can speak about all topics during our class and not just grammar and professional English skills.

This experience of tutoring has helped me to build confidence and how to deal with overseas clients at work, to be open and sociable during casual conversation with work colleagues. 

Sally has a very flexible and caring nature. She helps me to understand importance between “direct” and “indirect” communication skills in English language. I feel that my communication skills are softer with work colleagues and clients. I have started my first lesson back in May 2016 and all I can say now it would be great to continue to develop my confidence and skills so I can help my employer’s business to grow. Lucky that my boss is prepared to pay for five more sessions, and I want to focus on communication and social skills.

The service of Speak Better English is great! And no improvement is needed. 
EE, from Russia, October 2016
"I came to Australia from Ukraine 4 years ago. Before Australia I lived in New Zealand for 2 years. I’m a high level database administrator/consultant in my own company which I co-founded. However, at this moment I’m trying to improve my English skills to pass the aviation English test, so I can get my private pilot license.

I have had quite lot of sessions with my Speak Better English tutor, Sally Landers - definitely more then 20, but less than 50. What I like about working with Sally is I get a lot of speaking practice in a relaxed setting, with a lot attention paid to fluency and speech speed. Also it is a great location for me, (really close to my living place in Frankston).

This tutoring has changed things a lot for me. I definitely can speak much better during any conversations now, from work-related meeting with client to bar party. And, as a result, I feel myself a lot more comfortable during such events.

After I finish with my aviation English, I would like to switch to presentational speaking lessons, so I could be an efficient and easy to understand spokesperson for professional conferences.

Maxim Boguk 
Head of Consulting and Co-founder
October 2016"

October 21 2016
I passed ICAO Enlgish... thank you very much for you time and support.

My ICAO English results now is:

Pronunciation 4 (was 3)
Structure 5 (was 3)
Vocabulary 5 (was 4)
Fluency 4 (was 3)
Comprehension 4 (was 4)
Interactions 4 (was 4)

(ICAO means International Civil Aviation Organization)

(Congratulations to Max and his fabulous tutor, Sally Landers, for this FINE ACHIEVEMENT! Now Max can realize his dream of getting his pilot's licence!  


"Mr F highly recommends Sharon to our new executive Mr L who is relocating from China to Melbourne."
Unofficial testimonial from Mr F and Mr L's Executive Assistant, October 2016 (formal testimonial coming)


"I come from Russia, and I have been in Australia for 8 months. I work as an Account Manager in IT. What I enjoyed most about my work with Speak Better English was the individual lessons, and the customized approach. Both Susie and Melissa are very experienced, but they are very different, so it was great to have them as my teachers since they were able to help me with my gaps in different areas. 

This experience of tutoring has helped me a lot. I was able to gain some confidence, and I still need to improve my language, but I felt a huge difference after the course. 
Lilia, from Russia, September 2016
I have been in Australia for 19 years. I work as an aged carer, and I have had only three sessions with Jill. I really enjoyed working with her because she is very kind, caring and a good listener. She is able to help me in a lot of way and knows how to make me feel comfortable. 
When I was working with her I realised I need to improve my grammar and vocabulary. Before tutoring I didn’t know if sentences that I used were correct but now I can build onto these sentences and have more confidence in myself. 
If I can have more sessions in future, I want to discuss a range of topics and different settings. I hope this will help me improve my vocabulary. 
NL, from Sri Lanka, November 2016
"Hi Marianne, 
Thank you for you and your team. You are so kind and helpful. I am very happy with Lauren's teaching me because she did it the way I like it. She prepared lots of materials, like she gave me letters with all the articles and prepositions taken out, and I had to put them back in. Grammar is my main problem so that was very helpful. I am the kind of person somebody has to force me to do it, and she taught me in a way I had to do it. I feel confident about my test results now, but if I don't get my B's this time I want to work with Lauren again, especially because I live in Templestowe and she lives quite close in Eltham."
Sam, Radiographer from Iran, September 2016


"Mr R. highly appreciates Sharon’s tutoring, and recommends her to any potential executive students who needs the same assistance further improving speaking and communicating skills. Now that Mr R. is moving to Sydney, I will talk to our new DMD about working with Sharon as well, and will let you know about starting dates." 
AZ , Executive Assistant to Deputy Managing Director of  a Chinese company in Melbourne, September 2016


 "I come from Hong Kong, and I have been in Australia for nearly 10 years. I am currently working in the legal profession, and have just completed my first 10 sessions with my Speak Better English tutor, Hazel Rice. I do really enjoy that Hazel will go through my work every week and provide comments and feedback to me, and the tutoring sessions help me a lot in my writing and structuring sentences for my documents. I am going to have another package of 10 sessions, and I would like to improve my oral skills.
I think Hazel is a very good tutor. She structured each session very well. She knew what I need to work on. She provided lots of useful feedback and strategy to help me to improve my English."
Arthur from Hong Kong, working in the legal profession, September 2016


"I really enjoy talking with Susie. She helps me to correct my grammar mistakes as well as my pronunciations. We also shared a lot of experiences in our life. It was very nice to talk about working experience for female professionals. I have learned a lot from our conversations.

In my last session, I asked Susie how to make myself comfortable in social conversations. She had provided a few tips. I have not tried these tips yet. But all these tips are quite convincing.
I hope to have more sessions to improve my writing skills. I can write the technical contents well, but quite boring. How to make technical reports interesting is quite challenging for me.
I only had six sessions; if I am able to find more time, it would be good to have a longer program, like 10 sessions."
YT from China, Assistant Professor at a Melbourne University , June 2016


"I got Distinction!
After 6 classes with Sally, my English speaking skills and writing skills are improved. I've just got my feedback on my major essay - I got a Distinction on this paper; I used to get Credit or Pass. In the first and second class, Sally taught me how to polish my essay, and let me realize my biggest problem of essay writing is repeating. I always like to repeat same idea in one paragraph. So I worked hard on my major essay and got good result, I'm really happy:-) I really enjoyed Sally’s teaching style which helped me a lot.
YX from China, studying a Bachelor of Arts, June 2016


"I am an Arts student and I have been working with Susie for more than 20 sessions in order to improve my oral English, enhance my communication skills and learn local expressions. 
Susie is a great teacher. She is very professional on language teaching and especially being patient for her students with different cultural background. I really enjoy her sessions. I’ve learned a lot of Aussie expressions and vocabulary, and I am much more confident when I am communicating with my clients." 
S. from China, December 2015


"Hi Marianne,
I just finished my session with Sharon, and it is very good as I expected. Sharon also provides me with many good tips about my speaking as well as correct my grammar mistakes in my essay.
Thanks for giving me this free session.
Best regards,
Carl, from China, September 2016 
Winner of a FREE English tutoring session with Sharon Duff

"More than an English course I will remember it as a terrific life experience. 
Speak Better English is not just a simple English School. It’s a customized English solution. Marianne and her team have the capability and the experience to design and implement the proper solution to meet your needs. I recommend Speak Better English to anyone that needs an outstanding English experience."
Gianfranco, May 2014
"I am a taxation accountant from China, and I have worked with Susan for 10 sessions. My goal was to speak English more fluently, and to improve my confidence when I am speaking. I have improved a lot. Susan is a really nice lady and she is good at teaching. I feel so comfortable working with her. She prepares some start up practice at the beginning of the sessions, and later on she prepared some materials solely for my working areas which is really helpful. I can see that she has taken a lot of time to prepare each of the 1.5 hours session. I really appreciate what she has done for me." 
Mary, September 2015
"My name is Chloe and I’m from China. I was studying at Trinity College, the Foundation Year of Melbourne University. Susie was my tutor and we worked together for several months. My goal was to improve my English and go to the university. After these sessions, I have better language skills especially in writing and speaking and I become more confident to have conversations with people. From my experience, finding a tutor to work with has many benefits. Susie not only helped me with the language, but also told me many things about the culture. She is a kind, patient and responsible person. I really like to work with her. PS I will  go to commerce in Melbourne University next year."
Chloe, November 2015
"I had always struggled with the basics of good writing… After a few sessions of tutoring, I am unleashing capabilities I never knew I had…”
 Simon Crunden, 2013, born in Australia

"...I am touching base to let you know that finally I stepped up from where I was, and certainly the improvement in my communication skills had a lot to do with that. In January I will take on [the position of XXX]. It is a very high position and I will have hundreds of staff under my responsibility..."

"...Much to my surprise, in addition to learning about my own particular habitual errors, I learned a good deal about intercultural (Latin - Australian) communication. I truly realized the fundamental importance of this factor in the business context. I highly recommend this program of English support." 
“I enjoy immensely working with Marianne. She is able to identify the pattern in the mistakes I make and to cater the lessons and exercises to my very specific needs. And the fact that I can do most of the classes via Skype makes it manageable to keep up with my lessons on top of my busy work and family schedule.” 
Jasmina Lazendic-Galloway (University Lecturer), from Serbia, 2014

"As a not native speaker with a good level of English, my expectations were that I would profit mostly from a fine tune improvement in language structures and pronunciation. Much to my surprise, in addition to learning about my own particular habitual errors, I learned a good deal about intercultural (Latin - Australian) communication. I truly realized the fundamental importance of this factor in the business context. I highly recommend this program of English support."
IT Senior Executive, Health Industry, from South America
"I am a consultant and I have to write and communicate well as part of my work. I had always struggled with the basics of good writing - where to use a comma, hyphen, semi colon, apostrophe, etc. I decided I needed to learn how to use grammar properly so I could communicate with confidence.
A good friend put me onto Marianne. After a few sessions, my understanding of how to use grammar improved dramatically. It has opened up a whole new world to me, unleashing capabilities I never knew I had."  
Simon Crunden, born in Australia, Public and Private Sector Consultant, 2013 


"...When my English improved, I finally discovered how much of an impact this issue had in all areas of my life." 


"...My tutor helped me not only with English but helped me build confidence with my work and life!"


"...If you are looking for someone to assist you in academic English, I would tell you that you are on the right track!"


"...I worked with Eileen for 12 sessions, with the goals of improving my confidence and my ability to discuss complex topics such as politics and current affairs, and to refine my work-related writing skills...the best result for me over the last few months has been to get acquainted with a pleasant feeling of confidence while speaking English at work or during social events.” 
Massimo, Italy, 2013


"...If you have to write to earn a living, and let’s face it, we all do, then do yourself and your clients a favour, and make an appointment with Better English. I guarantee that it will make you a whole lot better."
SC  Australia 2015


“...Eileen is fantastic - very professional and with long experience. She never forgets to pick the smallest errors you make. Like a watch dog, she is constantly with you to improve, finding new synonyms, idioms and the proper words in different contexts."


"...I recommend Speak Better English to anyone that needs an outstanding English experience."


"...I had been looking for a tutor like Marianne for a long time!"


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