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Private Tutoring to Improve Your Academic Performance in Melbourne

Expert English Tutors Help You Maximize Your Academic Communication Skills
For University Lecturers and Tutors
Many academic staff at universities in Melbourne speak English as their second language. As experts in their field, it is important to be effective communicators, and though they may be fairly fluent in English, many lecturers and tutors feel that clearer pronunciation and greater fluency would enhance their communication with students and staff. 
Intensive coaching with an expert English teacher can  polish your spoken English and  increase your confidence so you can do your job brilliantly
Build confidence
For Students' Academic Performance
University study is challenging even for those who were born in Australia, and often much harder for overseas students whose first language is not English. Our Speak Better English tutors can help you develop the required skills, such as: 
  • preparing and presenting oral presentations
  • reading and deconstructing academic texts
  • writing essays and reports in the academic style: understanding what the topic is asking you to do, clearly planning your essay/report, becoming expert in paragraphing, summarizing, paraphrasing, etc
  • using accurate punctuation and grammar
  • learning how to edit your work
Invest in these skills now  to save time and greatly enhance your study experience in the years to come!
For Social Interaction on Campus
Speaking English all day can be exhausting if it is not your first language! No wonder many students socialize mainly in their first language - but then your English doesn't really develop...
Make your study time in Australia MUCH MORE FUN by getting fluent and confident in English.  With clear pronunciation, a wide vocabulary, and a good knowledge of the local (multi!) culture,  you can: 
  • learn more from your tutorials and lectures, 
  • speak up with confidence in tutorials and job interviews, and 
  • understand and socialize with other students. 
Regular, intense conversations with an experienced and qualified English teacher in a relaxed environment will definitely improve your English, so that you can achieve your study goals AND enjoy your time in Australia!

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