Why Choose Speak Better English? 

English tutoring for adults throughout Melbourne
For migrants and people born in Australia
A pool of highly experienced teachers
One-on-one programs or with groups
Carefully customized to what you need
Reliable professional service
Established business in its 11th year 
Onsite programs available
100% committed to helping you achieve your language goals
For the Advanced English Speaker
Group Training in Melbourne
Melbourne businesses draw their staff from all over the world, and sometimes although employees' technical skills may be outstanding, their communication skills need to be polished. Speak Better English can offer you a customized program with expert English teachers working with your staff onsite, either one-on-one or in workshops. Call now to discuss the particular needs of your company, and we will design a program to optimize staff communication skills. 
English Coaching for Executives
For the Advanced English Speaker
Your English has been good enough to get you into your current position. But still you lack confidence when speaking in meetings or in social get-togethers. Or you know that weaknesses in grammar may reduce the effectiveness of your written emails and reports. Perhaps you are ready for promotion, but know you need to practice your interview skills? An expert teacher can challenge and support you to take your English to the next level.
Succeed in OET
Academic English
Melbourne universities and TAFEs welcome academics and students from many non-English speaking countries, recognizing the advantages of sharing international academic excellence. Speak Better English tutors enjoy working with both academics from overseas who wish to hone their English skills, as well as local and international students looking to build their written and spoken English in order to take full advantage of their academic opportunities.  
Succeed in OET
Succeed in OET
Preparing for the OET? “If your medical knowledge is good and you have sat the test and failed to get a B or higher in all four areas, this indicates that you need test practice AND assistance with your English language. But candidates who just do practice tests without feedback from a tutor will often simply repeat the same errors.” Susie has extensive experience in preparing candidates for the OET. Call us now for expert support to pass the OET.
Succeed in IELTS
Succeed in IELTS
Preparing for the IELTS test? Does your future depend on it? Don’t waste money just doing the test time after time! The expert English teachers at Speak Better English can work with you intensively now to improve your English and improve your results. We are native English speakers who have been teaching English for many years, and have extensive experience with the IELTS test. So don’t leave it till your visa is running out!! Make an appointment now.
Improve Your General English
Teach with Us
Speak Better English organizes qualified, experienced, EXPERT English teachers to work with committed clients/students in Melbourne. As a subcontractor to Speak Better English, you will negotiate with each student to design a program which will best suit them. If you are committed to providing optimal progress for your student towards their goals, and you thrive on autonomy and variety, tutoring with SBE might be the challenge you are seeking!

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